Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The card for Steve

Weather it is due to laziness or  lack of mojo, but I haven't written and posted on my blog  for good 4 months.  Shame on me!!! None of the previously mentioned is not a good excuse not to be active.

During that time I made some very lovely cards which I will post later, but  to start with is to start with the best I have made in long long time, and it is the card for Steve.
I was asked to make a card for him, but  honestly, they should not have asked me as I was to make one anyway. 

Steve is a gentleman who was very closely working with us, with the whole team and he was one of those particular parts of the chain that team couldn't work without. 
So, Steve did deserve the card for himself to be special, but not pathetic like:'Oh, I am so sorry you are leaving'. It was card that reflected Steve the person, a gentleman who likes to work.

I used Debbi Moore products for this card and I am very happy that it came so beautiful. 

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